Badminton Vocabulary



Alley - The area 18” wide, that runs the length of the court, and is in play only

            for a doubles match.                        



Clear - The hit used to hit the shuttlercock high and deep into the backcourt.



Drive - The hit used to send the shuttlecock, hard and parallel to the floor.



Drop Shot - The hit, similar to a dink in Volleyball, where the shuttlecock is

                    barely hit over the net.  



Doubles - When you play with a partner, 2-on-2.  



Fault - When a serve is missed, for any reason.




Foot Fault - When the server steps on the back line while serving.




Game -  A series of points.




Let - When there is an occurrence, with no one at fault the point is played over,   “let”.



Long service Line - The back line that marks the end of the service area.



Match -  If a player or team wins 3 games, they win the match.  



Score -  The score should be even when the server is serving from the right side, and odd when the server is serving from the left side.



Serve -  The serve should be hit underhand, and may touch the net, as long as

             the shuttlecock lands in the correct service area.



Short Service Line -  The front line of the service area.



Shuttle -  Also known as the shuttlecock or birdie, could be made out of

                bird feathers, if the were very expensive.




Singles -  Anytime you play one person against another person.




Smash -  The one hit you use to strike the shuttlecock down to the floor

               on your opponents side of the net.